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What everyone needs to know about Cerebral Palsy

Oct 15, 2018 SEO

Cerebral palsy is a disorder that seems mysterious and confusing, especially to someone who does not have any idea about it. Oftentimes, people tend to button down the topic in place of making an attempt to understand the condition.

This attitude generally gets triggered due to the fear of uttering something insensitive or offensive. However, learning better about the condition makes you more equipped and in a better position to help.

What is cerebral palsy?
Cerebral palsy is a kind of motor disability that usually gets diagnosed in early childhood. The person suffering from the condition finds it difficult to move or stay balanced when upright. As per reports of CDC, it is estimated that 1 in 345 children are affected with the condition.

Cerebral palsy is not a disease
The condition is related to motor impairment. It is not a like a contagious disease that one can catch from another infected individual. Cerebral palsy is also not always a birth defect. This is a condition that may occur due to brain damage to certain areas during development or during childbirth and also after childbirth. Sometimes, the causes of the condition may remain elusive.

Different individuals have different types of cerebral palsy
Even two people diagnosed with cerebral palsy at the same time may progress into two diametrically opposite directions in terms of the development of the condition. In some cases the condition may deteriorate with ongoing years. In others, the signs and symptoms may reduce with time.

There are some cases where a wheelchair is needed for mobility. In other cases, walking is possible but with a little trouble.
The treatment options for individuals vary according to their symptoms and the particular diagnosis. Exercise and hydrotherapy are seen to provide benefits by strengthening the muscles, though muscle control may be difficult.

Also, the conditions of the patients change differently with the advancement of age. This is primarily due to the ageing process that varies in each person.

Children diagnosed with cerebral palsy exhibit various signs and symptoms at an early stage of their development. In case the condition is found to be the result of medical negligence at the time of birth, parents can apply for compensation with the aid of a qualified solicitor. You can find out more about cerebral palsy, it signs and symptoms, treatments and the help you can get by visiting Birth Injury Web.