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Jun 26, 2018 SEO

How does a person feels when he expects to have a healthy baby but finds that his child has an injury or a disability that will change his life temporarily, and in some cases even permanently? Well the answer is quite simple: the person is devastated.

A birth injury is any damage that is long-term including brain and cranium injuries. It is the damage to the tissues or organs during or shortly after birth. It is the duty of those trained professionals who are caring for you to watch out for any signs that could result in birth trauma or injury. And if they fail to do, you can file a birth injury lawsuit against them for justice. Read on to find more.

Birth Injury may be caused due to several reasons such as:
• Cephalo-pelvic disproportion
• Quick delivery
• Delayed or prolonged delivery
• Abnormal birth position
• Obstetric turn
• Speeding up the birth
• Stimulating the birth process
• Misdiagnosis
• Failing to test or treat a condition during pregnancy
• Not detecting the umbilical cord around the baby’s neck
• Delaying an emergency C-section
• Forceps and vacuum extraction

Birth Defects can also be caused if the mother is exposed to chemicals, diseases or toxins in the air. It can also be caused due to the doctor or hospital negligence. In any situation of avoidable birth injuries, a potential legal claim should be calculated. And as the process of filing a lawsuit is complex, having a knowledgeable attorney is the best way to ensure the success of your legal claim.

Being careful of the representatives of the hospital is must, once your child has been diagnosed with a birth trauma. Because once the nursing staff and hospital have been acknowledged as the guilty party, and then they will surely try to convince you in order to avoid a legal battle. And most importantly do not ever sign any papers or accept anything without consulting a lawsuit counselor. A well educated consular can help you understand your legal options to properly file a birth injury lawsuit. As we know caring for a child with birth injury is quite expensive and a full-time job, therefore, we can file a medical malpractice lawsuit. Often, a lawsuit is the only that can help you to pay for the expensive medical care of your child.

Once you get a good advocate it will be much easier for you to process the lawsuit further as your barrister will generally file and precede the lawsuit on behalf of you. The information of all tracks and all expenses related to your baby’s medical care, even after the starting of the lawsuit, will be very important and helpful in establishing cost, including future expenses.