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If you suspect something went wrong during the birth or even before, now you can find out. Perhaps the doctors are telling you to wait… or that more tests are needed… or maybe there is a diagnosis. Without high level access to hospital records and a medical degree, you will struggle to find out what exactly went wrong.

Completing the 3 simple steps above will help you and your family get the answers to all these questions now. How? Professionals (lawyers and doctors) who specialize in birth injuries will review everything that happened if they feel you and your baby were not treated right.

  • Was my child harmed at birth?
  • Was it avoidable?
  • Did someone make a mistake?
  • If so, who made the mistake?
  • What exactly happened?
  • How much is this going to cost? Who is going to pay for it all?

How can I protect my child now and in the future?

Sadly, protecting a child who was injured at birth takes a lot of money. The Costs of raising a child with a birth injury can skyrocket into the Millions of dollars. Unless you win the lottery, you probably can’t do all of this alone.

If you don’t get help from professionals who have done this al before, you’ll likely end up paying for it all. And possibly losing your home in the process. Complete the 3 simple steps above and get a call within 24 hours from the people who have been fighting (and winning) for children like yours for decades.

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The Lifetime Costs What are the lifetime costs of raising a child with a birth injury?*

According to the CDC estimated lifetime costs for children born with a birth injury is about $11.5 Billion.Individual costs vary, but here are numbers from a Ph.D. economist for a child born with a birth injury in October 2013

If you suspect that your child was injured at birth or didn’t get the proper care before birth and you would like some financial help with the cost of raising your child, please complete the 3 simple steps above now.

*These costs are for children diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, but provide a general sense of costs for other birth injuries too.

Cost List

  • Nursing Care: $16,571,207
  • Doctor’s Visits: $522,929
  • Lab Tests: $181,112
  • Speech Therapy: $2,904,000
  • Physical Therapy: $1,773,200
  • Occupational Therapy: $2,596,000
  • Hospital care: $1,373,199
  • Housing modifications: $582,321
  • Prescription medications: $453,936
  • Mobility equipment and orthotics: $425,165
  • Modified vehicle for transportation: $467,563

Total: $27,850,632